I am a woman in her 30s, who, having spent the last 11 years working for charities and the NHS as a drugs worker, feel I have sacrificed enough of my life blood to my ‘career’. I appreciate that, in this current economic climate, I should be grateful to have a job at all – but then people who chant that rarely spend their working week being blamed by people for the state of their lives (er -personal responsibility?), have people’s children removed (always popular), or spend an hour at a time in a room filled with the bitter-sweet aroma of necrotic abscesses. It is exhausting – fine when you are young and believe you can change the world, but when you get to your 30s and realise that, as well as being a twisted old cynic, you have achieved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in your personal life due to expending all your energy chasing round after people who care significantly less about themselves than you do, it’s time for a rethink. So I am starting my blog today to track any progress I may, or may not, make in trying to figure out a way to free myself of the shackles of being a public servant (never a truer title) and fly like a bird to the Land of Literacy. I am hoping there will be movement from miserable old crow to reinvigorated, flourishing bird of paradise – a transformation before your very eyes. Well there’s only one way to find out…

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